Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Bird

Here is little Sheena in her tall bin awaiting her freedom. What a sweet little baby. Look at those big brown eyes greeting mine. It was the most tender moment we had together on our last minuets together. We both knew what was about to happen. But we had to say our good buys to each other as we were now very special friends. Friends that must part their ways now. Friends that will never be forgotten.

One thing I want to stress here is that if you have a cat or cats. Please try to keep them in during this critical time of wildlife babies emerging into our world. Cats are actually the number one killer of wildlife babies every year. It is a known fact and documented. Cats are the number one killer of birds period. You can find out more by going onto the websight for "Toronto Wildlife Center." There are plenty of ways for your cats to get outside safely. I mean it really is not a safe world out there for them either. They have predators. Cars,humans,wild animals. That is their world. We built an screened in porch for our 3 indoor cats. I know where they are. I know they are safe. And they still get outside. They won't kill and they won't get killed. And the bonus is we love our screened in porch too. Although we have to fight the cats for a place to sit sometimes. And usually they win. Very cute. Oh we love all our kitties. They birdwatch,skunk watch and raccoon watch from the safety of their home. As I feed the birds. I know they and their babies will live to see another day with my predators inside. I get to see all the babies here. Apparently there are a lot of really cool things you can buy or build to keep indoor cats happy and healthy to get that outdoor activity safely. And aren't they worth the effort!! You betch ya they are. They are wonderful companions and friends.

This is the story of Sheena the cedar waxwing fledgling. Come to an end. Although this is a successful story they don't all end this way. Sometimes it is a tragedy. So remember, leave babies with their families unless they are injured. Call your local MNR for wildlife rehabitlitators in your area if you need one. Never try to look after a baby by yourself. They may need a special diet and care. And there is a special way you must feed them that you would not know. That is why Mom & Dad are the best. Or if all else fails. A wildlife center who are trained. Keep our babies safe. They are very precious little beings. This last photo is a long shot of Sheena just before she flew to reunite with her Momma. Buy little babe. Be safe!

Respect,and enjoy our magical wildlife world of nature. And you will have it to enjoy and share for a long time with you and yours.

Photos and story written by:

Jennifer Howard
Nature Works Photography
( this is a true story )

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