Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Bird

Well day 3 I had to make a decision. I talked to Toronto Wildlife Center. They were terrific. I sent them photos of my wee babe. I was hoping they could take her. But when they called me back. She was to young for them to take at this time. Best thing was to try to reunite her. Take her back. Try to find out were she was found. I was sad to have to set her free. But I knew she had to go. She was a wild baby. She needed her family. She needed to be FREE. I called the campground and told them I was coming with her. I asked the trees for energy. To help us find this babes family when we got there. For all the guidence we could get in this adventure. Tree's are full of good energy. They are the carrier of messages. And carry this message they did.

I wanted so badly for this to be successful. There was no room for we are going to try to find your Momma. It was we ARE going to go see your Momma and you dad and other syblings.You ARE going home little one. I took my babe into the bathroom. A safe place. And wanted to see how she could fly. She sat on my finger. I held her just off the tub floor. And I said come on lets get some exersize. She did her little perk up and okay I'm ready dance. And she flew. She landed on my head. Walked around in my hair for a little bit. Well I thought. She poops alot. But as they say a bird pooping on your head is suppose to be good luck. I can always use good luck. So what the heck. She was having fun. She then flew to the top of her cage which was sitting on the counter.And then around a little bit. She did fantastic. No doubt she is ready. A very happy but sad moment too. But I felt the need to give her a name. My 92 year old Mother who has not been doing well the last 3 weeks said she needed a name. My mother always was excited to hear of my wildlife adventure's. It keeps her going. We all grew up surrounded by precious wildlife. And it still goes on. So Mom,this babe got her name as you requested. She smiled and was so happy for the babe.

I wondered,what would be a good name for my baby bird. SHEENA. I don't know why. It just came to me. And I went with it. It was a pretty name for a pretty little bird. So Sheena it was.

Turns out Sheena means "God's Grace". I didn't know that until Fran looked it up. I wanted my wee babe to have a name before she left me to go home. Sheena & I have been very close the last 3 days. She was a healthy eater indeed. She always went to the feeding branch and started jumping around and opening her mouth when she was hungry. And I accomodated her gracefully and poped the berries and offered her the wiggly worms. When she had had enough she turned around. I'm done she was telling me. Thank you. She enjoyed our conversations and our quiet time. And always let me know when she was in need of more fruit. Or another wiggly mealworm. By the end of the day those wiggly worms went down a lot easier. She had to get the hang of it first. The first worm of the day sure did a lot of travelling around the cage. Sheena just couldn't grasp it. The poor wee wiggler just kept going here and there. A parachute would of worked well on the little guy. Of coarse that is not possible. So I kept picking it up and saying "I'm sorry little worm" And handed it over to Sheena again until she got it down. As the day progressed she got better at it. The last wiggly mealworm she got went down easy and she looked at me as if to say. Look at me I did it.!! And I prased her up so much her little crest stood right up there. She was proud of herself for fnally getting it down with ease. I am sure the wiggly worm appreciated that too.! She is starting to look like a cedar waxwing. What a beautiful little waxwing she is. Her Mom & Dad will see such a change in her. They will be proud.

I got all the instructions on how to find her family from Toronto Wildlife Center. Oh I can't tell you enough how amazingly helpful they were to me. And now. The next adventure begins.

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