Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Bird


I was told this may take a lot of hours. And was fully prepared to stay til dark if I had to. And bring her back home if I had to and go at it again tomorrow early. But as it turned out. I didn't have to. Our drive there was a bit stressful for Sheena. Or maybe she was exited. I picked Fran up for moral support and we were off.

When we got to the campground. I went into the office to get them to let us in. Apparently Sheena called and called when I got out of the car. Was she calling to me? Was she calling to her momma? I don't know. But she then went quiet. The gate opened and we went in. I drove around. Not a huge place like i first thought. I kept driving. And then I said,this is the spot. Fran said yes this looks like a good spot for them to be.

We both got out. Something was telling us to walk down that trail. We got to the end and it was an open area surrounded by trees. The trees had wild grapes hanging everywhere. I heard and saw robins,tree swallows,goldfinches but no cedar waxwings. We got the bin holding our special girl. I don't know if Sheena was really a female. But something inside told me she was. So we went with that feeling. And she didn't mind at all. I stood there in one spot and uncovered Sheena's bin. We stood there together. TWC didn't think she was old enough to fly to far. So if she got out I would be able to get her okay. Nothing here. We moved to another spot. I talked to Sheena,told her she had to call Momma. She looked at me. We looked into each others eyes. Connecting for what I didn't know was for the last time. I spoke softly to her. She looked back into my eyes with her big beautiful brown eyes. Oh what beauty and innocence. If she could talk. I kept telling her she had to call. Her Momma doesn't know she is here unless she calls. I bent over her and I stoked her bill. A communication and Momma bird does with her babe. I told her it is time to go free,to go back with your family. They missed you. You need them. She perked up. Did her little dance. And all of a sudden. She flew. And she flew strong. Right to the big tree with all the wild berries. My mouth dropped. I had no idea she could fly like that. She never called out. So no adults here. Oh no.

But then. I said call out Sheena you must. She sat there in the big tree. She pecked at the leaves,she hopped from branch to branch. Then she called a few times. YES! Within minutes. Mom & Dad were there in the bigger tree behind her and they called to her. I was there alone. Fran had gone on a walk to see if she could hear any waxwings. Oh my I can not explain my rush of feeling at that moment. The trees energy sent the message to Sheenas Mom & Dad. They were awaiting her calls. How we knew to go to that place I will never know. But I was guided there by the energy. Sheena came and sat on a branch in full view of me. She sat and we connected yet again. This time for the last time. I felt happy for her. But I also felt worried for her. It is a tough big world out there. She grew so much in the 3 days I had her I could not beleive it. She flew so strong into that tree. And she sang so loud to call out to her parents. I told her call again little one. Her parents had gone silent. Where they still there? Was it them?
Yes it was them. I had a feeling of well being in me that was so warm. Sheena gave her last call to me from this place and she flew up in behind. Towards the berries. Seconds later a call from the adults. Momma flew to her. I saw her fly in. But I didn't see them fly out.Another call seconds later from behind the trees. They were reunited and were gone. I heard at least one more other sybling when Mom & Dad showed up as it was calling to Sheena to. Welcoming back it's lost sybling. It was then silent. They were gone. They were together again as a family. Sheena was going to be alright now. She was well,had grown so much and very well fed. The photo of her in the bin before she left shows the berries around her litle beak. Oh she enjoyed those berries.

I have a new respect for parent birds feeding their little ones. Oh the work involved. It is incredible. And also for the wildlife rehabilitators who dedicate there 100% plus to look after orphaned and sometimes misplaced baby wildlife. I miss baby Sheena. But I know she is probably getting her own berries now as well as being fed. She was progressing so fast with me in that short time. Her parents looked so happy when they arrived so quickly. I thank the trees for their energy and help that day I needed them so much. I am still on cloud nine after this wonderful magical experience. I think of my babe every day. And I know she will be fine.

So what are you going to do if you find a baby bird that is not injured? Thats right. You are going to move it very gently to a safer place not far from where it is. Or get help to do so. Momma will not be far away and will come when you are gone and she knows it is safe.

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