Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Bird


Well this little fledgling seems right at home here at my house. I put her in a cage with natural branches from outside, and she is preening here. A sign of contentment is the stretching of one wing and then the other. She did that frequently. Isn't she the prettiest little thing you ever saw.

I didn't know what she was yet. So I took pictures and sent to a good friend for ID. I called a wildlife rehabilitator who does birds. She couldn't take her. So I got instructions on how to care for her until I could find someone who could. You are not by law allowed to have a wild animal of any kind in your possession for more than 48 hours. I got busy feeding the wee one who was very hungry. I had to be her mom for now. And in doing so try not to leave a human in -print. Meaning,I could not let her get attached to me and depend on me as a human. This would make it hard for her to survive in the wild. But there is still time for that not to happen here.

I made her as comfy as I could. And we started to be at one with each other right away from the start. But I felt bad for her and her family who was wondering where she was. I looked after her with all the love I could. But I can not be her Momma. She needed her Momma and her Dad.

Evening falls upon us quickly by the time I got her home, settled in and fed. I couldn't help but think about her parents all night until I finally fell asleep. How they must be feeling this night wondering what happened to one of their babies. They are so close to their wee ones. After all. They just sat on the eggs for approximately one month give or take. They fed them every 2 hours for a month and now after all that, this babe goes missing. They would be frantic. This one photo shows the red tip on her tail. Part of the identification process.

She slept well. My bathroom again became a nursery. I have 3 cats that stay indoors and one big husky dog. 3 lovebirds also so they are used to birds. But this baby was not used to them. And you should never put a wild animal were your pets can see them. It could be trouble and it also could pass along something to your pet. Always call the professionals here. Never do this yourself. I am always in touch with a wildlife rehaber. I never have any baby for more than 2 days. Usually only until I can arrange to take it to them or they can pick it up. ALWAYS. This is a delicate job that you need to know what you are doing. Things can go very wrong if it is a wee babe. And it may not survive in the wrong hands. And that would be devastating.

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