Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Bird


These photos are taken with a cell phone. I used what was at hand at the time. I see a change in her daily. She is really growing quickly.
My wee babe is eating well and I just found out it is a cedar waxwing fledgling. Such a beauty little bird. And boy does she pack the food away. But I don't mind. She is helpless and can not feed herself. It is a pleasure.

As she is a cedar waxwing I must feed her a special diet of fruit and insects. It is very important to know what kind of baby it is for that reason. I was told not to give her insects though. Apparently her parents have a special way of making sure they are clean before they feed them to the babes. But my good friend Fran came over with a huge offering of food for my wee babe. Blackberries,strawberries,raspberries grapes and cherries and juicy mealworms that are raised for feeding and are sterile.

We put a few berries attached to the side of the cage and she started pecking at them right away. Oh this was good. She is an older fledgling I think to be so good at eating from me. She was loving the juicy fruits we offered her. Her beak opened wide for each tasty morsel. The mealworms were a bit of a challenge for her. But she clearly enjoyed them once she got them down. It was very cute.

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