Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Bird

August,20th - August,23rd,2011

This is the story of a wee fledgling found on a road in a campground. My 3 days with her and my connection with her. But my story must begin with something I need you all to know. You should never pick up a baby bird and take it from it's family. (unless it is injured). Mom and Dad will never be to far away. Remember they are feeding hungry little mouths. That now out of the protection of the nest,are all over the place. They get fed one at a time. A very busy time for Mom and Dad. With this little one,she could of been moved carefully to a safer spot off the road ,say near a tree. Momma would have found her by her hungry cries. They are always in communication with their family. Our wildlife world is one of for a better word, magical place. They are amazing little, and big beings that are the best parents in the world in my eyes. They are 110% dedicated to their babies from start to finish. And what a big job that is. The nice lady that picked this wee one up meant well. In her eyes it was abandoned and in trouble. She didn't want it to get hurt. We have all been there. Even me! But now. I am a wildlife photographer/naturalist. I study what I shoot. I study them well. They teach me so much. I get to know them and I become a part of their world. And they accept me and trust me. Because I keep my distance. I am very quiet. And I am gentil in words to them when we speak. Animals are very smart. They know. Now I will tell you about this little birds story. And I hope to teach you some very important things you need to know!

I got a phone call from my hubby on a Saturday morning. I was about to participate in a ceromony so I could not go right away. He told me there was a baby bird that was taken to the office in a KOA campground. I needed to go get it. First of all. I am not a wildlife rehabilitator. But I know a few of them from my adventure's with wildlife. Because of what I do. People who know me or know of me always call me to help them out. I have had many babies come to me this summer. And they have gone to 2 different rehabilitators who have cared for them so well. They will all be released back to the wild as soon as they are old enough to go. However,those babies were orphaned. And we knew that from their condition. They were starving and dehydrated and needed help as soon as possible. They would have died. That is different from this baby bird. Here in my hands was a very healthy baby bird. Who was not abandoned but was in a bad place. So it should have been moved carefully to a safe place not far away. But we do what we think is right don't we. So in my story of a little cedar waxwing I ended up calling Sheena. I will teach you a very imortant thing about baby birds. And you in turn,can teach others.

This little one had been in a tiny box for many hours before I could get there. It was so scared. I spoke very gently to it and open the box very carefully. What a precious little baby. Momma would be missing it very much. BUT. The nice lady never told them anything. They didn't know where it was found. A storm was coming and it was getting dark. I took the wee babe home against my better judgement. I put it into a bigger container I carry in my car. Covered it with a towel and held it on my lap. My son was with me so was driving. It settled down with me. I spoke softly to it before I let it see me and I put my hand over it gently so it didn't get away. It was now in my hands when it's Momma would be frantically looking for it.

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